Frasard Consulting employs a simple precept in evaluating anything – “What do you want to learn?” From training classes to organizational improvement initiatives, we follow a process to answer questions that keep you up at night. During this process, key stakeholders are continuously involved and play a crucial role in answering these questions with the data we collect and analyze. Each evaluation is unique and designed to address your specific interests rather than a “one size fits all” approach commonly used by other evaluators.

Leadership development

Frasard Consulting will assess current and desired states for your organizations leadership team to identify knowledge and ability gaps, organization readiness for change, and cultural leadership expectations to design a specific development plan. This plan will include a combination of learning opportunities, communications, change management initiatives, and other support mechanisms to maximize leadership effectiveness.

Instructor development

Frasard Consulting builds and conducts custom and semi-custom programs to help your trainers understand foundational and advanced teaching theories and practices. Derived from the adult learning literature, these programs increase your organization’s capacity to deliver effective training and contribute value to your organization. After assessing your specific learning needs, we select an appropriate selection of learning and non-learning solutions to improve your training department and build trainers’ capabilities.

Test development and validation

Frasard Consulting is formally trained and experienced in developing appropriate tests to measure learners’ knowledge and/or skill using psychometrically appropriate methods. Merely writing some questions and calling it a “test” is not sufficient when you want to know what people have truly learned. Rest comfortably knowing your high-stakes exams are constructed in a way that you can defend decisions made using exam results.

Survey design

Whether you want to find out something simple about your employees or something complex about your customers, Frasard Consulting can design short, concise surveys to gather the right data. We take the time to understand what you want to learn, the environment in which the focus exists, and how your interest manifests to create a meaningful survey. With the results, you will not have to search for hidden meaning; the data will speak for itself!


Curriculum/learning experience design

Frasard Consulting designers work backwards from the desired learning outcome to put together an individual or set of learning experiences to achieve the learning goal. We follow a learner-centered approach, which emphasizes active learning over lecture, so your participants will have the greatest opportunity for success. We ensure the proper elements are included by conducting a thorough learning needs analysis and assess the environment to build a proper learning transfer plan to maximize your return on learning investment.

Applied research and data analysis (qualitative and quantitative)

Using scientific methods, Frasard Consulting can explore complex phenomena in your organization to uncover hidden meaning and understanding currently beyond reach. We are experienced in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods following experimental and non-experimental designs to get answers to your most perplexing issues. Whether we help you refine your own research or conduct the entire research from inception to results, you will gain the insights you seek.

Academic editing

Are you a college student needing help with your paper? Are you a graduate student working on your thesis or dissertation? Are you looking to submit an article or chapter for publication? Frasard Consulting offers editing services ranging from simple APA formatting, to ensure the tiniest details are not overlooked, to full writing coach, where we immerse ourselves into your work and get you across your finish line. Additionally, we will match your writing style, so your voice will never be lost. 


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